I’m re-blogging this poem in the light of recent events. The Hathras Gang Rape Case has left all of us horrified, disgusted. But first of all, we really need to erase this stupid mentality where we blame the victim for being raped. “Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.” Freda […]

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every unseen dream, is but a fleeting memory every unspoken word, is but a caged bird every unshed tear, is but a hidden fear. but now my heart yearns, to dream beyond reality my heart yearns, to speak aloud bravely my heart yearns, to cry not just in fantasy. so today let me realize those […]

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Just a Slap

Forget it, they said.Let it pass, they said. But they didn’t feelThe pain she didA burn on the cheek.They didn’t feelThe shock she didHer heart pierced by steel. It happens to everyone, they said.Women need to tolerate, they said. But she didn’t listenShe was her own warriorWith a resolve that glistened.But she didn’t succumbShe fought […]

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Feminism Is Important!

We often hear people telling a girl who guffaws loudly, “Shhh! Is that how girls laugh? Act like a girl!“. And to a boy who doesn’t shy away from crying, ” Is this how strong boys behave? Act like a boy!“. People say that gender equality is talk of the past. There is no practical […]

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Why? Why was I always blamed? Why was I always put to shame? He tore my clothes, not me, still- Why was I looked upon with disdain? Why were my clothes criticized, tell me? Why were my emotions sacrificed, tell me? I am always questioned, why? Why were my pains set aside, tell me? There’s […]

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Empowering Women

She sat there expressionless, Too tired to fight more. And the darkness engulfed her, Only to leave behind her ghost. “It’s a girl, we have to abort.” The reason would change soon. Instead of being a burden, It would be the fear of being raped soon. There’s no use in locking her up, Keeping her […]

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So Lost…

Her aching heart said more than words could ever,Her eyes conveyed something that tears could never.Betrayal hurt but torture was the last straw,That dagger was sharper than a beast’s claw.What was her sin? To love, really?She felt alive, but only so nearly.Gave her entire heart and got,Something close to a living death draught.The sweet smell […]

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Cruelest Form Of Torture

She stared into his eyes, her face smudged with dried tears. Her blue eyes were filled with pain, with hatred, with ANGER. The agonising pain made her scream, but no voice came out of her already strained throat. She closed her eyes for the last time in her life and pleaded to God to punish […]

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