A vast ocean sometimes wild like a child throwing tantrums sometimes ferocious like a God wanting revenge. Then at times it turned quite quiet like a sleeping baby Then at times it was a sweet mystery like the song of an apsara. There were times when pain overtook like a bittersweet rhapsody there were times […]

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Sitting in my verandah my ears suddenly hear a voice music music so melodious that it has the power of elevating my mood I venture out into my garden and gaze along dreamily heaven impulsively my hand stretches forward to feel the melody I smile my legs carry me forward and I close my eyes […]

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They thought he was evil But they didn’t see the boy who woke up till late crying himself to sleep consuming his being with despair they didn’t see the boy behind those sneers whose only friends were books an escapade from reality they didn’t see the boy behind all those façades who wanted to run […]

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Orphaned children, weeping widows, Childless couples, filled with sorrow. Tears flowed, flowers bestowed, For this pain, there was no antidote. Whose fault? No one knows, War surged, like a black rose. -Ishita Gupta

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