A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, your love came packaged in an olive notebook. Thoughts inked on paper, love hidden in between. Why is it that I only saw the crease? Only saw fragments of a broken destiny. Now as I lie in my chair, with your book in my lap, it is not your thoughts, […]

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Suffocated Dreams

I feel suffocated. Trapped. They say the birds are chirping. No, it is the cardinal singing a death song. I cannot see. Everything’s black, so black. Oh no, not black, it is dark. But what’s the difference between dark and black, you ask. The blind one doesn’t see black, but knows and feels what darkness […]

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She is standing amidst thousands of people, yet she feels alone. As if they were just illusions, a dark trick, of her twisted mind. Her shoulders feel heavy, from the burden they had been carrying for years, invisible. Neon signs illuminate the night, but her eyes can only see the dark. “Colours” is a foreign […]

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Just a Slap

Forget it, they said.Let it pass, they said. But they didn’t feelThe pain she didA burn on the cheek.They didn’t feelThe shock she didHer heart pierced by steel. It happens to everyone, they said.Women need to tolerate, they said. But she didn’t listenShe was her own warriorWith a resolve that glistened.But she didn’t succumbShe fought […]

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Can you explain this, dear?

“I heard it. I’m sure.” “You must be dreaming. Or it could have just been the wind.” You laugh and take a sip of your coffee. I stare at you, expressionless. “Yes, it must have been the wind….” “I saw it. I’m sure.” “Have you started hallucinating now? It must have been a trick of […]

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The Place in my Mind’s Maze

I walk down the cobbled pathway, my head down. For a reason unbeknownst, I always felt comfortable walking with my head down. Not from shame, or guilt. No. I just felt better like that. I just did. The cobbled pathway has changed, I notice. Wild flowers fill the tiny spaces, and little pieces of grass […]

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A Great News!

I am so extremely happy to share that two of my poems have been published in a book Uncaged: A Teen Anthology! This book is a collection of poems written by Indian teenagers across the world. All the poems in the book are so versatile and beautiful! It would mean a lot to me, and […]

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For the love of books

“Will you ever be able to like a person?” my friend asked. “I like many people. What kind of a question is that?” “You know what I mean!” I sighed and replied – “In this world that you call real? Never.” I looked at my bookshelf and silently thanked all the books for totally screwing […]

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Feminism Is Important!

We often hear people telling a girl who guffaws loudly, “Shhh! Is that how girls laugh? Act like a girl!“. And to a boy who doesn’t shy away from crying, ” Is this how strong boys behave? Act like a boy!“. People say that gender equality is talk of the past. There is no practical […]

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Tuesdays With Morrie

Recently, my mom handed me a book saying, ” Read this. This book is going to change your perspective on life.” At that time I just took the book and shrugged of her statement. After all, literally every book makes you view life from a different perspective. But then I started reading this book. And […]

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