Can you explain this, dear?

“I heard it. I’m sure.”

“You must be dreaming. Or it could have just been the wind.” You laugh and take a sip of your coffee.

I stare at you, expressionless.

“Yes, it must have been the wind….”

“I saw it. I’m sure.”

“Have you started hallucinating now? It must have been a trick of your eyes.” You shake your head and drink your coffee.

I sigh, not sure of myself.

“Yes, it must have been a trick of my eyes….”

“I’m not feeling fine….I…I….think we should call a doctor.”

I look at you, a bewildered expression on my face. I throw my head back and laugh.

“Oh! I see. You are teasing me aren’t you? Fine. I’ll try not to hear fictitious laughter or see random scribbling on our window. “

You look at me incredulously. Your face suddenly contorts in pain.

I ignore you. You are faking it, aren’t you?

“Pl…..plea….plea…” You die.

It has been just two days since you died. A month since I stopped making your coffee for you.

But the voices. They have stopped. And I don’t “see” things anymore.

I look at your photo.

“Can you explain this, dear?”

21 thoughts on “Can you explain this, dear?

  1. OH WOW! This was cool. Did You ever see the movie ‘Gaslight’ with Ingrid Bergman? It’s an old one. Her husband is trying to drive her crazy and I think he comes very close to succeeding. Can’t remember how that one ended but Your story brought it to mind. Well done and Cheers! 🙂

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