A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, your love came packaged in an olive notebook. Thoughts inked on paper, love hidden in between.

Why is it that I only saw the crease? Only saw fragments of a broken destiny. Now as I lie in my chair, with your book in my lap, it is not your thoughts, but my heart, which writes poems of what could have been.

It’s unreal how vivid this feels, how I am clinging on to a forlorn hope, knowing it will go away like a dewdrop on leaves.

It is another rainy Sunday afternoon and I still have the olive notebook. It still has your thoughts inked, your love hidden. I don’t see the creases anymore.

But I don’t think you feel the love anymore, do you, mi amor?

-Ishita Gupta

49 thoughts on “A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

        1. I am well too. No, they ended a few weeks back. I have just been busy in general. Had a sudden major change in career plans….😬🙈 What about you? You must have boards right? Best of luck for them💕


            1. Yes that is true!
              Haha lol. I am in 11th. I was preparing for NEET but I realized that medicine is not actually something I want to do. I have always been interesting in pure sciences and like deep biology. Genetics and such.


              1. Ooh. I am gonna start preparing for NEET though😅.
                That is a really interesting branch too. I figure you’re gonna go for Bio Tech or genetical engineering or something? Well, whatever you do, I am sure you’ll rock it!!✨

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                1. Ohhhh. Best of luck for that!! And if you ever need any tips for how to prepare for it, you could ask it here on WP or mail me at guptaishita15@gmail.com
                  I prepared for it for 6-7 months so I could give you some helpful advice😊
                  Thank you so much❤ I am sure you will too🤗


  1. This is so perfectly written, dear Ishita. You bring back memories of Loves I have lost during my lifetime. It’s so interesting….and rainy days do seem to lend themselves to this kind of reflection. Sigh. Thank You! I hope all is well with You and Yours. Sending You huge hugs and so much Love!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼

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