every unseen dream,
is but a fleeting memory
every unspoken word,
is but a caged bird
every unshed tear,
is but a hidden fear.

but now

my heart yearns,
to dream beyond reality
my heart yearns,
to speak aloud bravely
my heart yearns,
to cry not just in fantasy.

so today

let me realize those “forbidden” dreams.
let me voice those “forbidden” opinions.
let me weep at those “forbidden” times.

I won’t be repressed now.

-Ishita Gupta

62 thoughts on ““Forbidden”

  1. The last 3 lines are shouting your reluctance to submit to your fears and insecurities.
    And your recital from the beginning to reach those 3 lines is awesome. Splendid poem Ishita ❤

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  2. Dear Ishita this is so beautifully written.

    “every unspoken word, 
is but a caged bird 
every unshed tear, 
is but a hidden fear.”

    The timing and metaphors are splendid my friend. You have written a truly lovely piece.

    I love the way you wrapped up the ending as well. I think a great ending leaving the reader with a thought that makes them feel the need to read it yet again is such a great part of the mystery to every piece.

    Beautiful dear Ishita. Sending you wishes for lovely dreams and a weekend full of wonder.
    Love ❤️ 💖🌺🌸 Joni

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    1. Aw…thank you so much dearest Joni💖😘

      I am so happy that you enjoyed my poem so much, thank you once again🌹💖❤😘

      Love and hugs Joni🌹💖💖 Have a wonderful Sunday🌺❤❤

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  3. Brilliant work! You kept everything inline from the beginning till the beautiful resolving end of poetry.
    Loved your poetries. Keep writing!📝👌

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