Empowering Women

She sat there expressionless, Too tired to fight more. And the darkness engulfed her, Only to leave behind her ghost. “It’s a girl, we have to abort.” The reason would change soon. Instead of being a burden, It would be the fear of being raped soon. There’s no use in locking her up, Keeping her […]

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The East Wind Has Come

It was delivered at her doorstep, one day ago, Gave rise to a silent pool of tears in a go. Fresh parchment and the sweet smell of ink, As she read it, she couldn’t even blink. Five simple words scrolled on a paper, Almost looking like a code red filter. Meaningless to those who were […]

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Tuesdays With Morrie

Recently, my mom handed me a book saying, ” Read this. This book is going to change your perspective on life.” At that time I just took the book and shrugged of her statement. After all, literally every book makes you view life from a different perspective. But then I started reading this book. And […]

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A Lover’s Malaise

Standing in the midst of silent waters,A bunch of memories greeted her.How blissful were those days,Those moments, he used to embrace her. How soon everything changes,She realized with a sudden jolt.There was once a time of happiness,But now it was filled with shocks. There was once a period,When her eyes used to shimmer.But now those […]

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