Feminism Is Important!

We often hear people telling a girl who guffaws loudly, “Shhh! Is that how girls laugh? Act like a girl!“. And to a boy who doesn’t shy away from crying, ” Is this how strong boys behave? Act like a boy!“. People say that gender equality is talk of the past. There is no practical […]

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Be Gone & Bygone

“I have made my decision” was all she had to say, And silently in the night, carefree she walked away. What was her destination, no one knew, She swayed along the trees where the winds blew. Never remembered being so calm and peaceful, Everything just felt so sweet and beautiful. Mellifluous was even the roar […]

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Why? Why was I always blamed? Why was I always put to shame? He tore my clothes, not me, still- Why was I looked upon with disdain? Why were my clothes criticized, tell me? Why were my emotions sacrificed, tell me? I am always questioned, why? Why were my pains set aside, tell me? There’s […]

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