Be Gone & Bygone

"I have made my decision" was all she had to say,
And silently in the night, carefree she walked away.
What was her destination, no one knew,
She swayed along the trees where the winds blew.

Never remembered being so calm and peaceful,
Everything just felt so sweet and beautiful.
Mellifluous was even the roar of the lion,
Never read, but remembered the verses of the Bible.

Suddenly she knew about the Gita, oh very much!
Sometimes remembered the Quran at her lunch.
"Am I going crazy?" she sometimes thought,
But kept following the path to the north.

The day came when she had that vision,
During that stupid foreign invasion.
No image, only a burst of white light,
What it meant only night could decide.

Night! Oh Night! Where this all had started,
One year later "I am free!" she shouted.
That stupid invasion was just the voices,
Of mundane people, which she considered as noises.

She never heard, yet understood what the people would say,
She never spoke, yet her words were as bright as day.
She never cried, yet her screams were heartbreaking,
She never laughed, yet her laughter was felt even by the aching.

As confused as ever, the people now felt,
That she was a messenger in a human dress.
She came and went, her duties done,
And understood what it meant to be one.

-Ishita Gupta

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