I Want To Be A Girl Who Is Just Like Me

Look into my eyes, and search for the truth,
Do I just want to be pretty and good?
It is much more than that if you actually see,
I want to be a girl who is just like me.

I don't care about my shapes nor my looks,
Only for a mind full of books.
Experiences count too but not this one,
Where everybody questions a race I won.

I am a human and I have a life,
Let me live or I'll cut you with a knife.
You'll bleed and bleed and then you'll regret,
Cursing the blood stains on my bed.

Menstruation is in a girl's nature, I know it's science,
But what can I do if you aren't nice?
Take a bath, don't enter the shrine,
Oh no no no! I was born to shine.

Retrace your steps, there's still some time,
Beg for forgiveness, or you'll get a fine.
That fine is your life, don't you believe me?
I want to be a girl who is just like me. 

-Ishita Gupta

7 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Girl Who Is Just Like Me

  1. A beautifully written poem and quite a thought provoking one. Keeping aside the lofty academic thoughts, the crux of the story should be: Let a lady be herself and let her do things a normal human being would like to do.
    Great poem Madam..!! Thank you for sharing.. 😊

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