So Lost…

Her aching heart said more than words could ever,Her eyes conveyed something that tears could never.Betrayal hurt but torture was the last straw,That dagger was sharper than a beast’s claw.What was her sin? To love, really?She felt alive, but only so nearly.Gave her entire heart and got,Something close to a living death draught.The sweet smell […]

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She is happy. For the first time in her life, she can say that she truly feels happy. She feels so light, so carefree. Free from her everyday roles, she no longer feels caged. This was what she had longed for; decades after her ascent into this world, her wish is fulfilled. The soft, tender […]

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Search For The Truth

Million things surrounded her,Rushing about and suffocating her.One after the other, trapping her in,Oh God! Please tell what was her sin? Was it that she was too intellectual?Reluctantly but followed every ritual.Never did what her heart said,Left it on others instead. Everybody is trying to be everybody,Yes she could guess that.But it’s resulting in a […]

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The Best Kind Of Addiction

Addiction. A word commonly associated with drugs, or alcohol. But strangely enough, for me, and maybe many more people in the world, this word translates to something much more beautiful; something enriching, as well as enjoyable. This truly marvellous addiction of mine is READING! Reading is a pleasurable activity for me; a hobby. But by […]

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Periods Matter. Period

You are impure; untouchable. You will taint our life with your sinful blood!  Sadly, many girls in this world grow up listening to these dreadful comments. But why? A question that keeps creeping into my mind, my heart, time and again. A question that refuses to be answered at all. Some people just don’t seem […]

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Cruelest Form Of Torture

She stared into his eyes, her face smudged with dried tears. Her blue eyes were filled with pain, with hatred, with ANGER. The agonising pain made her scream, but no voice came out of her already strained throat. She closed her eyes for the last time in her life and pleaded to God to punish […]

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Terribly Tiny Tales

1) Tired of being told that girls should not expect their dreams to come true, one day she picked her guitar and ran away. Ten years later, she presses the doorbell as a popular singer, only to find an empty house and two suicide notes. 2) Her dream was to see the world. Finally, she […]

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