The Best Kind Of Addiction

Addiction. A word commonly associated with drugs, or alcohol. But strangely enough, for me, and maybe many more people in the world, this word translates to something much more beautiful; something enriching, as well as enjoyable. This truly marvellous addiction of mine is READING! Reading is a pleasurable activity for me; a hobby. But by reading, I don’t mean reading newspapers or thick course books. I love to read novels, preferably fiction, but occasionally I pick up non-fiction too.

I will elucidate my love for books with the perspective of a fiction-book lover.

In this technological era, mobiles and other gadgets have replaced books as a means of entertainment; a very sad thing indeed! So, unfortunately, even though books may be a best friend or a soul mate for some people, for many people books are something to be despised. It really hurts me to write such a sentence, but I have met many people who say such things; some of these people are even my friends! Alas! Only God can help them.

Books provide an escape from the monotonous life that we humans are so accustomed to live. While reading books, I can’t help but be transported to world full of mysteries, all waiting to be solved, or maybe a hidden magical world, where a power-crazy human is wreaking havoc! Books are the best way to leave the worries of your real life behind and delve into a mysterious new world. They are capable of bringing out multifarious emotions out of a person’s soul.

Besides serving as a beautiful escapade, books are a wonderful way of turning an uneventful and boring day into one full of happening events. Be it a tragic romance or a thrilling adventure, good books can never let you down! Only a true book lover can understand the emotional attachment one has with their favourite book(s). Whatever the story may be, whatever the location or the characters may be, a reader gets attached to each and every one of them; she gives each book a piece of her heart or her soul. Words of a special book have a strange yet beautiful way of getting engraved inside your heart, your mind, your soul, forever and ever.

A book is a collection of words, crafted in a very skilful manner, guaranteed to entice and captivate the reader in every possible way. The irony of the situation is that my love for books, they themselves being a special cluster of words, can’t be expressed in words enough. It is a feeling that can only be felt, but not described. I sincerely hope that this post is able to persuade people to pick up a book and get lost in its many pages! Happy Reading!

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