Terribly Tiny Tales

1) Tired of being told that girls should not expect their dreams to come true, one day she picked her guitar and ran away. Ten years later, she presses the doorbell as a popular singer, only to find an empty house and two suicide notes.

2) Her dream was to see the world. Finally, she got a ticket to Europe. She was about to board the plane, a phone call (from mom) interrupted her-“You did not keep the scarf. How will you cover your face?” She broke down and never dreamt again.

3) First a daughter. Her father-her hero. Then a sister. Motherly affection for brother. Then a life partner. Together forever. Then a mother. Sacrifices her life for her children. Life comes a full circle, still told girls are the most inferior. Silently accepts the world is full of imbecile people.

4) WE have been cursed for no fault of ours. WE have left our first homes. WE have given our life to our family. And you people say, WE are weak?! Don’t you DARE call our gender WEAK. 

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