Cruelest Form Of Torture

She stared into his eyes, her face smudged with dried tears. Her blue eyes were filled with pain, with hatred, with ANGER. The agonising pain made her scream, but no voice came out of her already strained throat. She closed her eyes for the last time in her life and pleaded to God to punish all the sinners……

Rape. What does this 4-letter word mean to you? Is it just a word? The amount of pain which a girl suffers during this atrocious act is just too much to imagine. The people, who have the guts to even think about doing this to a girl, are the most barbaric people in this world. We can’t feel what the victim feels, we can’t ever know what she goes through, but one thing we can do is to PUNISH THE WRONGDOERS. By punishing, I mean, making them suffer. If they are only tried, and then killed (by hanging), it would be equivalent to liberating them. A quick death is not what such people need. If they TORTURED the girl, then they should at least be made to suffer till they die. But even punishing them will not suffice for their brutal acts; bathing in the Holy Ganges would not wash away their sins. But NOT punishing them for what they have done, will add a huge sin in our karma list. And anyways, overlooking a crime, is just plain WRONG!

I have heard this comment a lot when ignorant people talk about rape-“That girl must have worn exposing clothes. Why else would he be tempted to touch her?” This seriously makes me want to yell at them! First of all, rape does not mean just touching a person. It means that the person is SEXUALLY HARASSING the girl. Secondly, rape does not depend on what the girl wears. A person, who wants to rape her, will do it, even if she is covered from head to toe! More importantly, if a girl is wearing these so-called ‘exposing’ clothes, the man should learn to respect her choices and keep himself from being ‘tempted’.

Something we should always try to do, if we know a rape victim, is to empathize with her as much as we can. By that, I don’t mean sympathize, I mean EMPATHIZE. Also, we should try to give her all our support. That girl goes through a lot, and mental trauma is just one of the consequences. I would like to end this post by writing down two lines from a poem I wrote, which I hope will force you to think about rape in a different manner.

“What about the girl who lost all her dignity?

That can be given back, but what about her virginity?

5 thoughts on “Cruelest Form Of Torture

  1. but our governments more focus on the patriotism.. atleast in the ex govt we used to getlot of news out with the rape victims nd in this govt we are hidden from such news


    1. I don’t think it is a matter of governments. I personally feel that social issues can only be improved if the citizens of the country want them too. At least now people are creating awareness about cruelty against women…. films like Chhapak are being made….

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      1. but dear friends;im more concerned and the very practical person in this regard for the last 5 years i had been thinking more about this..
        there was a girl raped and in delhi by 5 people and those are sentenced to death now and waiting for the rope know this well right
        in the same time;in chennai a girl worked for Tata consultancy services, were raped by 4 bihari guys and she was killed and thrown to a bush out of revenge , cos she scolded them when she was teased by them.. she was an engineer who used to walk along the construction site to the office, and those 4 labor beggers teased and and took reevenge on her and raped and killed; and what happened to her.
        one who was raped in delhi has flesh and this girl has stone;is it..
        they escaped to bengal and police got them and what happened next.. nobody knows and the case is no where..why they are not hanged like those rapist who got death sentence recently..
        there is big politics and power , money behind the rapes;laws also bend towards the power,money and etc
        so we can;t just ignore this we dont say dress is the matter but movies,,to tv serials are made in such a way to pull the viewers and make them keep watching is so they can get the mone
        they are many things that make a rapist.. even parents are reason for it..
        if u can list down the reasons and get the votes you will know the percentage of each reason
        we must make a fair deal when deal with such crimes not to escalate further

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        1. I really don’t want to discuss politics in midst of a serious discussion like rape. Every political party is corrupt….it really is bad out of the worst. Politics apart, rape like crime will end only when patriarchy and this superior feeling that men have…will stop. It has to start from households. Instead of telling a girl to not go out late at night, the boys should be kept chained inside the house. Men need to be taught from childhood to respect women. And no girl should be taught to accept male superiority.

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