A Collab Post!

This poem was written in collaboration with Tanvi at A Lightyear Journey. Even though we have worked on this together, it is Tanvi who came with the idea and she is the one who contributed the most! Her blog is full of beautiful poems, which never fail to amaze me. Her writing style is very […]

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Peace🕊(Six Word Story #2)

This is in response to the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #51 – August 15, 2020, by Shweta at My Random Ramblings. The prompt for this week is “Peace”. My six word stories War and peace, hand in glove. Peace is now but a gamble. Peace is interwoven in black threads. Amidst nature, found my inner peace. […]

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A Phoenix Will Rise Soon

In a world where,black spills from the tortured eyesand people drink a cup of lies. In a world where,darkness forms the core essenceand dementors haunt my demented presence. I writhe and turn in this self made cage,Sculpted out of misery and rage.Silence hovers amidst those sleepless nights,Far more terrorizing than endless cries. But now I […]

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Interesting. Very interesting. Your hands mimic mine; your lips mimic mine. Curving in that familiar way to form a smile. You flip your hair the same way I do….used to. Your eyes hold the same twinkle mine do….used to. You are even wearing my favourite earrings! Those colourful ones! You are so close to me, […]

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Rain🌧(Six Word Story #1)

This is in response to the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #49 – August 1, 2020, by Shweta at My Random Ramblings. The prompt for this week is “Rain”. This is the first time I am participating in this. I always love reading the six word stories on other sites, but couldn’t come up […]

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