Interesting. Very interesting.

Your hands mimic mine; your lips mimic mine.
Curving in that familiar way to form a smile.

You flip your hair the same way I do….used to.
Your eyes hold the same twinkle mine do….used to.

You are even wearing my favourite earrings! Those colourful ones!

You are so close to me, yet so far away.
Are you…..very…old?

Are you me, in some parallel universe?

-Ishita Gupta

52 thoughts on “Mimicry

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I’ve had that experience!!! It’s sooooo weird, isn’t it?!! Crazy. Sometimes I think our personalities truly do follow archetypes and that when we pause to look around it’s really not that difficult to see someone who is insanely similar. So funny. Wild. Cheers and Hugs and Thank You, Ishita!!! 🤗❤️😊

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      1. It was lovely, Ishita. Especially the ‘like I used too’ repetition. I couldn’t tell if it was someone looking in a mirror, a photo of a younger self or an alter ego. It made it all very mysterious

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