Periods Matter. Period

You are impure; untouchable. You will taint our life with your sinful blood! 

Sadly, many girls in this world grow up listening to these dreadful comments. But why? A question that keeps creeping into my mind, my heart, time and again. A question that refuses to be answered at all. Some people just don’t seem to understand that periods are an integral part of a woman’s life. It doesn’t make her weak, but instead, it makes her stronger. Menstruation is a natural process and an essential one too. Then why are some girls taught to hate themselves when they have their periods? Why are they taught to be miserable about themselves? Why are they taught to accept this so-called ‘superiority’ of the males?

This blood, that makes females ‘impure’, is the same blood that provides nourishment to a baby in her mother’s tummy. The blood you call ‘tainted’, is the same blood that runs through your veins. How can then, humiliating and insulting a woman, because of her menstrual cycle, be justified? It’s because of this ‘infected’ blood, that you and me, and all the people of this world, are alive and breathing. If she is impure because of her blood, then every human being in this world is equally impure. They have fed on this blood for nine months, after all!

“You are down. Don’t enter this holy place of worship!”

“It’s your last day? Go and take a bath quickly!”

“Shh! Don’t talk about such stuff in public!”

“Hide your pad! Don’t tell about this ‘thing’ to anyone!”

“Don’t enter the kitchen!”

“How dare you touch the pickle?!” 

Yes. This is the truth. I am fortunate enough to be born in a family that respects every individual in the society. But most people aren’t. I have seen people around me saying such rubbish. I have encountered girls who listen to this at their homes. Just imagine that someone has stabbed you in the stomach and you are bleeding internally, but you put on a brave face and act like nothing is unusual. But then, suddenly you hear someone call you impure, call you weak! How would you feel? This is how women feel when society creates certain rules, certain stereotypes and prejudices, which derogate a woman of her very own existence.  What is her fault really? Yes, the blood comes out of her vagina, but how does it make her untouchable and impure?  On one side, men are enthralled and captivated by a woman’s beauty, by her body and physique. But, on the other hand, they get repelled by her very blood! Isn’t her blood an important part of her body? Isn’t it as important as her waist, as important as her eyes and lips? 

If you consider yourself a human, then you need to respect a woman. As a matter of fact, you should respect every community in the society. People who can’t even bring themselves to say ‘periods’, but instead refer to it as ‘that time of the month’, are so shallow, that even the greatest of Gods would have difficulty in reforming them. We can only create awareness. That’s all we can do. It’s up to the close-minded people to unlock and open their minds, and reshape themselves. No one in this world is impure, and I repeat NO ONE! Even the darkest and cruellest of criminals are not impure. They are bad, atrocious. But no one except God can decide the purity of humans. Period.

“Take a bath! Don’t enter the shrine!

Oh no no no! I was born to shine.” 


7 thoughts on “Periods Matter. Period

  1. So glad that someone like you is reminding men how ignorant they are. Our world, for ages, is in fact the work of men. Except for a negligible number of exceptions, men have mostly mistreated women in every possible manner. Please keep spreading this message.

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  2. “you and me, and all the people of this world, are alive and breathing.If she is impure because of her blood, then every human being in this world is equally impure.”

    This is so true. It’s time people stepped out of the dark ages and had respect for the female body and all that it goes through to bear children.

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