So Lost…

Her aching heart said more than words could ever,
Her eyes conveyed something that tears could never.
Betrayal hurt but torture was the last straw,
That dagger was sharper than a beast's claw.

What was her sin? To love, really?
She felt alive, but only so nearly.
Gave her entire heart and got,
Something close to a living death draught.

The sweet smell of attar in the room,
And the romantic light of the lovely, full moon.
This was meant to be a night of love,
But now she felt like a red tainted dove.

The bloody scars on her back,
Were a sad souvenir of that gruesome act.
The dried blood on her hands and face,
He completely destroyed her body's maze.

Her heart too was reduced to pieces,
Even her soul turned blue with bruises.
Now her mind held only one thought,
Her soul was taken, she felt so lost.

She felt so lost...

-Ishita Gupta

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