The Acid In Our Minds

Recently, I came across a video, a Ted Talk, by an acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal. I was horrified, shocked and touched as Laxmi told her story. I came to realise that this world which we live in is truly a very, very dark and horrendous place.

This video is heart wrenching but inspiring at the same time. The way she fought all the obstacles, the humiliation she had to go through, they make you feel very grateful for all that you have.

I don’t understand the need to even say that things like acid attacks and rapes should stop. Why don’t people themselves feel the need to stop this? Why don’t these acid attackers and rapists ever feel guilty for what they have done? Why is the female ALWAYS blamed for everything?! I’m tired of asking these questions!! We should salute people like Laxmi, who after having suffered such atrocities, work for the welfare of the people of this world. The same people who question their character and never really empathise with them. This is all I want to say.

A huge salute to all the acid attack survivors and victims..all the rape victims…we respect youšŸ‘