Feminism Is Important!

We often hear people telling a girl who guffaws loudly, “Shhh! Is that how girls laugh? Act like a girl!“. And to a boy who doesn’t shy away from crying, ” Is this how strong boys behave? Act like a boy!“.

People say that gender equality is talk of the past. There is no practical need for it because it has, apparently, already been achieved. My question to all those people is that why are girls told to giggle but not guffaw and why are boys told to not express their emotions and not cry?! Is this equality?

I have heard a lot of people say this to women who have amazing skills of driving a car,”You drive well for a woman…” How does this statement even make sense?! People think that women can’t drive properly! What rubbish?!! Is this equality?

This is not the only situation. Girls generally don’t feel safe travelling alone at night, for obvious reasons.(At least in my country) But I doubt boys feel the same. Also, do boys ever have to think what to wear while going to a local market? Do they ever say to themselves,”I probably should wear something that covers my entire body…..” In many countries this is very common. In fact, it has become a habit for women and girls to feel this way. They don’t even realize when they think about it. Is this equality?

Rapes are termed as crimes against humanity. Of course they are, but do you know the main reason behind all rapes? It’s man’s need to ascertain that he is stronger than a woman. It’s called toxic masculinity. If you don’t believe me, search the web, read about it. And not just rapes, acid attacks are also a result of toxic masculinity. In most of the acid attack cases, the reason acid was thrown on the girl was because she had not accepted a certain demand (usually marriage) of the man. Is this equality?

If people still don’t realize the need and importance of feminism, what else can I tell them? Those people are either too shallow and stupid to understand anything or they want women to always be suppressed. I sincerely hope that someday things would be much better.