Just a Slap

Forget it, they said.
Let it pass, they said.

But they didn’t feel
The pain she did
A burn on the cheek.
They didn’t feel
The shock she did
Her heart pierced by steel.

It happens to everyone, they said.
Women need to tolerate, they said.

But she didn’t listen
She was her own warrior
With a resolve that glistened.
But she didn’t succumb
She fought back like a girl
While the others turned numb.

One slap leads to another
But it can never cease to bother.
It leaves a mark deep inside
And the heart? It just dies.

-Ishita Gupta

This poem was mainly inspired by the movie – Thappad. Thappad is about domestic violence that exists even in the seemingly perfect and loving relationships. I recommend you to watch the movie. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Due to the lock down in many countries, the cases of domestic violence have increased. It is truly heartwrenching.

Once, I was talking to my friend, who very casually mentioned, like it was an everyday happening, that her Dad hit her Mom, in anger. I was appalled. I live in a metro city. I really did not expect to hear such a thing from one of my own friends. She has a younger brother as well. Do people realize what they are learning from their parents? The girl, my friend, has learned, that if in the future, her husband hits her, it is absolutely fine. And her brother has learned that if in the future, he wants to take out his anger on his wife, he can do so.

Domestic violence, and in fact all sorts of violence should really stop. Why have we changed the definition of humanity to inhumanity?

The trailer for the movie Thappad-


28 thoughts on “Just a Slap

  1. You have delivered a very sad yet strong message through this post….it’s truly devastating that such instances happen even today….I recommend people to watch this movie and truly understand the message🖤🖤

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  2. Great post. Any violence in the home is too much. Your poem is gorgeously expressive and certainly effective. Thankful for this post. This kind of post helps to validate women who are feeling violated by violence. Hugs my friend Joni

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