They thought he was evil 
But they didn't see
the boy who woke up till late
crying himself to sleep
consuming his being with despair
they didn't see 
the boy behind those sneers
whose only friends were books
an escapade from reality
they didn't see
the boy behind all those façades
who wanted to run away
run away from this world
run away from his life
run away from himself
he wanted a new life
a new purpose
he wanted to throw away his facades
to show them his true self
but he knew
no one would believe
so he put on even more facades
masking his emotions
until he lost himself
And woke up to see
it was too late
he had been
left with

-Ishita Gupta

This poem is actually dedicated to a character from the Harry Potter series, Draco Malfoy. I feel he is a very misunderstood character, and definitely deserved a proper redemption arc.

Apart from that, the thing that urged me to write this poem is the fact that people can sometimes get very judgmental. If you don’t properly know a person, you have no right to question their choices.

This quote that I read on the internet, changed my perspective of others-

Don’t question the choices people make, when you don’t know what options they had to choose from.


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