Orphaned children, weeping widows, Childless couples, filled with sorrow. Tears flowed, flowers bestowed, For this pain, there was no antidote. Whose fault? No one knows, War surged, like a black rose. -Ishita Gupta

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Each time she gained consciousness, all she heard, or rather felt, were screams. Screams of people she could have saved, but now, they all were in some faraway land, from where they could never come back. Guilt chewed her away, crushing her soul, and made her hollow from the inside; empty. Maybe tears would have […]

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Nothing Feels Real…

We are so close, yet feel miles apart. Each day is an act of pretense of love with an aching heart. Once those eyes were full of warmth. But now they are empty and devoid of love the longing now far gone. Ignorance is a bliss, but very evil. In the distance I see a […]

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Breaths mingled with the misty air, faces cried or just gave a sombre stare, devoid of emotion, I remained hidden, people ran about, cursing death. Snatching souls, breaking hearts, trading sorrow; a cruel art, over millenniums I turned numb, hurt others, I remained unhurt. With a thief’s stealth, took another soul to the land of […]

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Be Gone & Bygone

“I have made my decision” was all she had to say, And silently in the night, carefree she walked away. What was her destination, no one knew, She swayed along the trees where the winds blew. Never remembered being so calm and peaceful, Everything just felt so sweet and beautiful. Mellifluous was even the roar […]

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The East Wind Has Come

It was delivered at her doorstep, one day ago, Gave rise to a silent pool of tears in a go. Fresh parchment and the sweet smell of ink, As she read it, she couldn’t even blink. Five simple words scrolled on a paper, Almost looking like a code red filter. Meaningless to those who were […]

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A Lover’s Malaise

Standing in the midst of silent waters,A bunch of memories greeted her.How blissful were those days,Those moments, he used to embrace her. How soon everything changes,She realized with a sudden jolt.There was once a time of happiness,But now it was filled with shocks. There was once a period,When her eyes used to shimmer.But now those […]

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She is happy. For the first time in her life, she can say that she truly feels happy. She feels so light, so carefree. Free from her everyday roles, she no longer feels caged. This was what she had longed for; decades after her ascent into this world, her wish is fulfilled. The soft, tender […]

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Search For The Truth

Million things surrounded her,Rushing about and suffocating her.One after the other, trapping her in,Oh God! Please tell what was her sin? Was it that she was too intellectual?Reluctantly but followed every ritual.Never did what her heart said,Left it on others instead. Everybody is trying to be everybody,Yes she could guess that.But it’s resulting in a […]

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