Who Am I?

Who am I? A wilted flower on the sidewalkA lone tear amidst manyI seem to have lost my essenceIn life’s unfair journey. Who am I? A thorn in a basket of flowersA black smear on whiteIn my relentless pursuit of happinessI’m stuck somewhere between the lines. Who am I? A bug drenched in rainA torn […]

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Can you explain this, dear?

“I heard it. I’m sure.” “You must be dreaming. Or it could have just been the wind.” You laugh and take a sip of your coffee. I stare at you, expressionless. “Yes, it must have been the wind….” “I saw it. I’m sure.” “Have you started hallucinating now? It must have been a trick of […]

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her mind could weave stories like Arachne wove tapestries. her words wrought magic like a melody sometimes tragic. her eyes a mystic journey like a land forgotten by many. and, her soul like oceans of desires consumed by a passionate fire…..🔥 -Ishita Gupta

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She lost herself

all she heard was a cacophony of meaningless thoughts and emotionless words. all she felt was a brutal agony laced with acrid tears isolated with haunting fears. all she saw were ghosts of her insanity in broken mirrors and lakes of terror. slowly, she lost herself along the way. slowly, she lost herself in those […]

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Dancing Away…..🌸

swaying her body along the tune looking godly an artist’s muse. beneath her feet a splintered floor in sweet dreams a velvet door. breaking inside feeling insane shaking outside to soothe the pain. postures sliding fluidly to another worries enveloping like a black smother. counting beats she felt in her heart dancing greets a sad […]

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blackness caresses the night it’s dark the depth of the sea marble withers to black dust sandalwood sans fragrance. misery flutters around tears turn to acid demons spill blood underworld comes to earth. faraway a shimmering veil aromatic like dancing moonlight weaves a warm glow divine like a ray of hope. -Ishita Gupta This poem […]

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The Place in my Mind’s Maze

I walk down the cobbled pathway, my head down. For a reason unbeknownst, I always felt comfortable walking with my head down. Not from shame, or guilt. No. I just felt better like that. I just did. The cobbled pathway has changed, I notice. Wild flowers fill the tiny spaces, and little pieces of grass […]

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A vast ocean sometimes wild like a child throwing tantrums sometimes ferocious like a God wanting revenge. Then at times it turned quite quiet like a sleeping baby Then at times it was a sweet mystery like the song of an apsara. There were times when pain overtook like a bittersweet rhapsody there were times […]

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Sitting in my verandah my ears suddenly hear a voice music music so melodious that it has the power of elevating my mood I venture out into my garden and gaze along dreamily heaven impulsively my hand stretches forward to feel the melody I smile my legs carry me forward and I close my eyes […]

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They thought he was evil But they didn’t see the boy who woke up till late crying himself to sleep consuming his being with despair they didn’t see the boy behind those sneers whose only friends were books an escapade from reality they didn’t see the boy behind all those façades who wanted to run […]

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