Each time she gained consciousness, all she heard, or rather felt, were screams. Screams of people she could have saved, but now, they all were in some faraway land, from where they could never come back.

Guilt chewed her away, crushing her soul, and made her hollow from the inside; empty. Maybe tears would have made things easier, but alas, they refused to wet her eyes. She wanted to scream herself, but her voice refused to cooperate.

Piece by piece, her emptiness began dismantling her soul. She showed no signs of emotion, and her eyes were blank. staring at something straight ahead.

How long can a person survive if there is no will to live? Each day, she sank deeper into the empty abyss. She sank deeper, and deeper. And deeper. And deeper.

And deeper……..

-Ishita Gupta

14 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. We all are living, just eking out life at times.. Sad!
    Still holding on to something or someone, it itches somewhere in the heart!

    Thanks for reading my latest post, IshitaG 🙂 Its always nice to find someone reading the blog post so quickly!!

    Liked by 1 person

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