A Dark Mist

This poem was written in collaboration with Tanvi Kamra at A Lightyear Journey. Click here to read our first collab post! Her blog is full of beautiful poems, which never fail to amaze me. Her writing style is very captivating and I am hundred and one percent sure that you are going to love her […]

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As the wind blows through the glass windows and the curtains silently whisper The clock in my heart chimes three leaving the streets of my soul naked I try to catch a fleeting memory while it slips away into an abyss of thoughts It seeped into my core like the rain on the ground just […]

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A Symphony Of Memories

Unchecked tears cover me like a blanketAnd a strange void pierces my soulGrief imprints itself upon my delicate heartMy lifeless life feels strangely controlled. One by one, I collect my broken piecesAnd bravely tie them on broken stringsThe pain is teaching me to live againBut I keep seeing you in angel’s wings. My heart, a […]

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Today is the day of paradoxes. Love and Hate will walk hand in hand. Pleasure and Pain will become the best of friends.Life and Death will unite. But then. But then, isn’t it just any other day? I ask myself this question when a thousand roses bloom from my body. The fragile petals stroke my […]

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Ocean’s A Mystery

Those roaring waves call me, Those blue sapphires allure me. But, the warm sand keeps me in, My soul’s trapped in a human’s sin. Expressions are never crystal clear, Every smile holds dried tears. There’s pain hidden in each joy, A hint of regret, when we rejoice. The ocean unravels unspoken mysteries, Summoning all the […]

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The Place in my Mind’s Maze

I walk down the cobbled pathway, my head down. For a reason unbeknownst, I always felt comfortable walking with my head down. Not from shame, or guilt. No. I just felt better like that. I just did. The cobbled pathway has changed, I notice. Wild flowers fill the tiny spaces, and little pieces of grass […]

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They thought he was evil But they didn’t see the boy who woke up till late crying himself to sleep consuming his being with despair they didn’t see the boy behind those sneers whose only friends were books an escapade from reality they didn’t see the boy behind all those façades who wanted to run […]

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Orphaned children, weeping widows, Childless couples, filled with sorrow. Tears flowed, flowers bestowed, For this pain, there was no antidote. Whose fault? No one knows, War surged, like a black rose. -Ishita Gupta

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Each time she gained consciousness, all she heard, or rather felt, were screams. Screams of people she could have saved, but now, they all were in some faraway land, from where they could never come back. Guilt chewed her away, crushing her soul, and made her hollow from the inside; empty. Maybe tears would have […]

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Nothing Feels Real…

We are so close, yet feel miles apart. Each day is an act of pretense of love with an aching heart. Once those eyes were full of warmth. But now they are empty and devoid of love the longing now far gone. Ignorance is a bliss, but very evil. In the distance I see a […]

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