Feminism Is Important!

We often hear people telling a girl who guffaws loudly, “Shhh! Is that how girls laugh? Act like a girl!“. And to a boy who doesn’t shy away from crying, ” Is this how strong boys behave? Act like a boy!“. People say that gender equality is talk of the past. There is no practical […]

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Tuesdays With Morrie

Recently, my mom handed me a book saying, ” Read this. This book is going to change your perspective on life.” At that time I just took the book and shrugged of her statement. After all, literally every book makes you view life from a different perspective. But then I started reading this book. And […]

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She is happy. For the first time in her life, she can say that she truly feels happy. She feels so light, so carefree. Free from her everyday roles, she no longer feels caged. This was what she had longed for; decades after her ascent into this world, her wish is fulfilled. The soft, tender […]

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