She is happy. For the first time in her life, she can say that she truly feels happy. She feels so light, so carefree. Free from her everyday roles, she no longer feels caged. This was what she had longed for; decades after her ascent into this world, her wish is fulfilled. The soft, tender tip of the fresh leaves touch her face; her fingers gently brush the little flowers and the cool breeze plays with her long, open hair. Eyes closed, she feels the tiny droplets of rain touch her face and creep into her mouth. A few moments later, and the rain has stopped; a sliver of the majestic sun appears, casting a heavenly glow on all that is around. A small rainbow appears, making the landscape more beautiful than it already is. Slowly and peacefully, she opens her eyes, bathing in the sunlight like there was no end. And maybe there wasn’t. She absorbs all the blinding light of the sun, with that distant look in her eyes. She feels liberated, and attached, all at once. She had promised herself, one day she would be free of everything. Her promise is fulfilled as well. She is free of everything, her worries, her problems, even her desires. This is the best day of her life. Or maybe afterlife. She doesn’t know; nor does she care. From the deepest core, her heart says-“everything is over, but this also the beginning.” Finally, she smiles, her lips forming an imperfectly perfect curve on her face; her small dimples complete the picture. Free even from the cycle of birth and death, she breaths her final breath somewhere far away, while her soul becomes the one with God. She is finally FREE.

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