Today is the day of paradoxes.

Love and Hate will walk hand in hand. Pleasure and Pain will become the best of friends.
Life and Death will unite.

But then.

But then, isn’t it just any other day?

I ask myself this question when a thousand roses bloom from my body. The fragile petals stroke my skin. The thorns pierce it. I bleed.

Ah! Life is such an enigma of oxymorons. So complicatingly simple. So pleasantly unpleasant.

I adore it.

I gaze at the night sky; black velvet, with white diamonds sewn in between.

I gaze at the Sun; light so intense it blinds me.

I scratch underneath my nails, trying to solve the conundrum of my thoughts.

Are you confused? I certainly am.

Paradox…everything is a paradox.

-Ishita Gupta

A/N: We humans are always so eager to sort things, differentiate one thing from the other. But when you think about it, everything belongs to the same “group”. Life and death, they really go hand in hand. One who has been born, will die. Happiness and sadness can’t exist without each other. Same for light and dark. And so on. Life is certainly a very beautiful paradox!

Please share your thoughts on this as well! I would love to know what you think.

29 thoughts on “Paradox

  1. I listen to these thoughts and feel the same as you do! Where there is night, there is a day next day; Where there is black, there is white; Where there is confusion, there comes clarity after ruminating and researching and finally reaching the aha moment of finding the answer of the questions you were looking for; Where best things happen in life, you see worst things happen too in life (including with me too); Where there is a long life of great people, there is also death of people those who are too great and too good that they leave the earth so quickly…

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  2. This is beautiful Ishita. I especially like these lines:

    “I ask myself this question when a thousand roses bloom from my body. The fragile petals stroke my skin. The thorns pierce it. I bleed.”

    I agree with so much of what you say my friend. We live in the dark and the light. Even if we are not a part of the dark it can come across our path. Just because we are happy one minute doesn’t mean we can not be upset in the next. It is a travel and a path that each of us has to follow and make choices and hope we use discernment. Things do change with age, your priorities shift and hopefully you have been blessed with wisdom. There is a multitude of wisdom in the elder generation and that should be cherished. Thank you for asking for input Ishita this is how I feel. Such a lovely piece. Bless you sweetheart. Love to you and your family. xoxoxo Joni

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    1. Thank you so much my dearest friend. So glad you liked it.

      Truly said Joni. Life is very uncertain. “Just because we are happy….upset in the next.” Very true. And also, if we are upset and sad, doesn’t mean we would never be happy. I read this line somewhere in Hindi “Bure waqt ka bhi bura waqt aata hai”. It means that “bad times also have a bad time.”
      “There is a multitude of wisdom…..cherished.” I completely agree with you!

      I am glad to know how you feel and thank you for participating in this discussion. A blog is a wonderful platform to share ideas and thoughts with each other.

      Love and hugs dear💕

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      1. What a gorgeous Hindi saying, I love it. Thank you for sharing it dear Ishita.

        You are right we are blessed to be able to participate in such a discussion and this one is a great one too, important, and profoundly appropriate today. Nicely done sweetie!

        Thank you for the hugs and love and hugs right back at ya. Joni xoxoxo

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  3. Every day is a paradox. The life of a human is full of paradoxes. It may be possible it is how we see it. Or it is what we want to see.

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  4. I love this Ishita.

    Right from the beginning you said it all.

    “Love and Hate will walk hand in hand. Pleasure and Pain will become the best of friends.”
    Life and Death will unite.”

    I wrote a piece with a very similar message. It’s published it but I did not share it on my blog. I say that because your words resonate with me more than you will ever know. WOW. Magnificent.

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    1. My dearest Gabriela, thank you from the deepest corner of my heart. Your beautiful words have made me so happy. “..your words resonate with me more than you will ever know.”
      This means so much to me. Especially because your poems touch my heart always.
      Thank you again for your kind words. You are an angel, hon.

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