A Collab Post!

This poem was written in collaboration with Tanvi at A Lightyear Journey. Even though we have worked on this together, it is Tanvi who came with the idea and she is the one who contributed the most! Her blog is full of beautiful poems, which never fail to amaze me. Her writing style is very […]

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A Phoenix Will Rise Soon

In a world where,black spills from the tortured eyesand people drink a cup of lies. In a world where,darkness forms the core essenceand dementors haunt my demented presence. I writhe and turn in this self made cage,Sculpted out of misery and rage.Silence hovers amidst those sleepless nights,Far more terrorizing than endless cries. But now I […]

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Ocean’s A Mystery

Those roaring waves call me, Those blue sapphires allure me. But, the warm sand keeps me in, My soul’s trapped in a human’s sin. Expressions are never crystal clear, Every smile holds dried tears. There’s pain hidden in each joy, A hint of regret, when we rejoice. The ocean unravels unspoken mysteries, Summoning all the […]

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every unseen dream, is but a fleeting memory every unspoken word, is but a caged bird every unshed tear, is but a hidden fear. but now my heart yearns, to dream beyond reality my heart yearns, to speak aloud bravely my heart yearns, to cry not just in fantasy. so today let me realize those […]

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Heaven on Earth

Red roses and blue delphiniums Perched on a branch the Nightingale hums Swans grace the tranquil waters And the trees drink the golden sun. The woodpecker pecks its way through And the leaves drip with morning dew The crickets play a symphony nearby The colourful chrysanthemums bloom anew. The morning rain revitalizing Mother Earth And […]

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Now….forever gloved

My back Greets the cold sand A calm breeze Tickles my bare hand Blue spheres Illuminate the dark sky In dreams They dance like fireflies My mind Clutches at memories long gone Humming A broken tune of an unfinished song Black tresses Fall over my damp eyes You lured me In your perfectly spun web […]

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A tribute

Separate from the sun and the stars, There seems to be an angel afloat and afar Igniting in the flicker of burning desires, Embers soaring up and away to the sky and higher. Succumbing to the inner turmoil Heart beats turn mechanical There’s no more desire to see the sun Why does death suddenly feel […]

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Look behind those curtains….

Staring away into nothingness Sinking deeper into the abyss everyday No one to confide in, no one to talk to Life has become a hopeless place. Wonderful smiles adorn the faces Lively laughs light up the room But there’s something hidden behind them Pain, despair, despondence and gloom. Holding it together till everything breaks There’s […]

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Trapped in a tartarean soul Hidden behind her dark shadows She sits inside a melancholic shroud Filled with petals from a black rose. Her tears form a bottomless pit Her screams compose a haunting melody Watching the world with misty eyes She weaves a basket to hold her memories. Slowly succumbing to her inner paralysis […]

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A Lone Drop

a lone drop waltzing its way through the dark claustrophobic tunnel mindless about what lies ahead. feet on releve dangling in air relishing a few seconds of freedom awaiting it’s fateful end. one girl laughing heartily oblivious to the drop’s paltry demise worthless to her royal silk gown. a little one with parched lips her […]

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