Black Rose

Deep, deep, deep inside,
A place in the heart, unexplored,
Lay a beautiful black rose.
Touched by love and hate alike,
A charming showpiece, quite ignored,
Out of reach, but still so close.
Some emotions that want to hide,
Hide, but they just don’t go,
Trapped by a beautiful rose.
Lust, desire, passion–takes time,
Hatred, anger and scarred ego–
To gather it all, in the rose’s repose.
Concealed mysteries of our mind,
Frozen like tiny bits of snow,
Hidden somewhere between the rose.
In this entangled mess of heart and mind,
Rivers of serenity that gradually flow,
Flowers of hatred unabashedly grow.
Can someone unwind the mysteries?
Mysteries, like a game of catch and throw,
Mysteries, of a beautiful black rose.

-Ishita Gupta

I am so sorry!!! I took an even longer break than last time, after promising I won’t. But well, life is pretty busy. I have not read your posts either, and I don’t think I’ll be able to read them all, even though I want to! And this time, definitely, I’ll not disappear again. I hopefully, am back on WP, properly!

Hope you are healthy and safe! Love and hugs!♥♥♥🤗

69 thoughts on “Black Rose

  1. I loved the contrasts of feelings in the black rose so eloquently delivered with food for thought. perhaps you felt like the black rose untangling from all of the duties. I’m glad i didn’t miss your posts as I wondered where you’ve been but I also don’t think there needs to be a schedule. It’s a lot of input and output and honesty is what is needed. It’s a lot to keep up with, I get it!!! ❤️

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    1. Oh my gods!! Thank you SOOO much!!😍😍😍🤗❤

      I’m great!! Was very busy since a few days….😅
      How are you? I haven’t visited your blog since ages!!!! I’m going to visit very soon!!

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  2. Nice to hear from you my dear friend. Just a lovely piece as well. I love all the metaphors and the emotion in this piece Ishita. Your work is beautiful and we miss you but also understand you are busy my friend. Have a blessed day. Sending you love and blessings. Love ya Joni xoxoxo

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    1. Joni, thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece. It warms my heart to read all the understanding comments….I’m really grateful for having such amazing and supportive blogger friends❤❤
      Love and hugs😍😍

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      1. Your poem was so beautifully written my friend. Every line and every word so lovely. It is a treat to read your work. I am hoping you get a chance to write more. Your work is a blessing to read. Love and hugs to you dear friend. I think your blog followers know you are a very busy young woman and you will write when you can. We will remain eager to read your work but also understanding that you have a lot on your plate. Love ❤️ hugs 🤗 and blessings my friend. 🤗💕❤️😘

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        1. You gifted me huge smile just now. Thank you so much for your sweet words Joni❤
          I’m thankful for such understanding friends in my life💞
          Love and hugs to you too dear friend❣


  3. It’s okay, Ishita. At times, breaks are exactly what we need. Creativity tends to go on vacation at times. You don’t have to be sorry. We’re here for you, no matter what! Beautifully penned. It was well worth the wait. ♥️

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  4. How very wonderful to read this friend. You’re back with this wonderful, almost heart touching poetry.
    “Frozen like tiny bits of snow,
    Hidden somewhere between the rose.”
    How beautiful. These words segue so well. Smooth and warm to the ears. Quite an entrance dear.
    Lovely, lovely poetry. So good to have you back. Cheers and good luck.

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    1. Dear Shanyu, you also know how to make writers smile uncontrollably! I’m so so touched by your words. I’m beyond happy you enjoyed the poem so much.
      “….almost heart touching poetry.”
      Wow. This means a lot to me.

      I’m really happy to be back too!
      Love and hugs,


      1. I take pleasure in writing to all these wonderful writers such as yourself. I hope these words match what beauty your composition hides.
        Love and greetings and that orange heart🧡🧡

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        1. Aw, you made me blush now. And I take pleasure in writing to all wonderful writers like YOU.
          I’m so so touched. Your words definitely reached me heart. Many thanks!
          Love, and yes the orange heart!🧡🧡


  5. This is so very beautiful, Ishita!!! Just lovely. “In this entangled mess of heart and mind,…”. Love that. And seriously…NO WORRIES!!! We all love You and life gets busy!!! It’s wonderful to see You whenever You have time to post! And whatever time it takes You to get around to everyone….it’s perfect! You can’t possibly mess this up! Sending huge hugs Your way! Cheers and Rock on!!! 🤗❤️😊

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  6. This is splendid my dearest Ishita.
    “Hidden somewhere between the rose.
    In this entangled mess of heart and mind,
    Rivers of serenity that gradually flow,”
    I know you are busy sweetheart. Please take care of yourself. Sending you plenty of love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Anisha!!
      I know right?! I have always found black very mysterious….❤❤

      Sorry for replying so late, somehow I missed your comment😅
      Have a wonderful day!🤗


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