Into The Unknown

It swirls in the whites of my eyes, threatening to shroud me from myself, and drown me in despair. Misery now defines me and my life. Black ink spills from my eyes. In desperation, I write and rewrite my destiny. The black slate remains black. Crimson coloured curtains made of rose petals touch my body. […]

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A tribute

Separate from the sun and the stars, There seems to be an angel afloat and afar Igniting in the flicker of burning desires, Embers soaring up and away to the sky and higher. Succumbing to the inner turmoil Heart beats turn mechanical There’s no more desire to see the sun Why does death suddenly feel […]

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Look behind those curtains….

Staring away into nothingness Sinking deeper into the abyss everyday No one to confide in, no one to talk to Life has become a hopeless place. Wonderful smiles adorn the faces Lively laughs light up the room But there’s something hidden behind them Pain, despair, despondence and gloom. Holding it together till everything breaks There’s […]

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