A Great News!

I am so extremely happy to share that two of my poems have been published in a book Uncaged: A Teen Anthology! This book is a collection of poems written by Indian teenagers across the world. All the poems in the book are so versatile and beautiful! It would mean a lot to me, and […]

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First love

I thought it was the end of my journey when I finished with you but oh! I was a fool because your end was the beginning of something new. You were gone but left me with invisible scars you started an addiction and ah! how sweet it was our time together you were my first […]

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For the love of books

“Will you ever be able to like a person?” my friend asked. “I like many people. What kind of a question is that?” “You know what I mean!” I sighed and replied – “In this world that you call real? Never.” I looked at my bookshelf and silently thanked all the books for totally screwing […]

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Tuesdays With Morrie

Recently, my mom handed me a book saying, ” Read this. This book is going to change your perspective on life.” At that time I just took the book and shrugged of her statement. After all, literally every book makes you view life from a different perspective. But then I started reading this book. And […]

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The Best Kind Of Addiction

Addiction. A word commonly associated with drugs, or alcohol. But strangely enough, for me, and maybe many more people in the world, this word translates to something much more beautiful; something enriching, as well as enjoyable. This truly marvellous addiction of mine is READING! Reading is a pleasurable activity for me; a hobby. But by […]

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