Black Rose

Deep, deep, deep inside,A place in the heart, unexplored,Lay a beautiful black rose.Touched by love and hate alike,A charming showpiece, quite ignored,Out of reach, but still so close.Some emotions that want to hide,Hide, but they just don’t go,Trapped by a beautiful rose.Lust, desire, passion–takes time,Hatred, anger and scarred ego–To gather it all, in the rose’s […]

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The Last Breath

my hands are moist can’t hold on i am weak it’s slowly slipping away light, hope only a dream. my eyes register black colours are gone white fades it’s a cruel plethora hate, fear the only shades. my soul feels numb trying to grasp it falters it’s an endless cave blind, dark black waters. my […]

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blackness caresses the night it’s dark the depth of the sea marble withers to black dust sandalwood sans fragrance. misery flutters around tears turn to acid demons spill blood underworld comes to earth. faraway a shimmering veil aromatic like dancing moonlight weaves a warm glow divine like a ray of hope. -Ishita Gupta This poem […]

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