The Language Of Flowers

This piece uses the symbolism of different flowers. Here are the meanings of the flowers I used in my piece. Cyclamen: Resignation Gladiolus: Remembrance Yellow Jasmine: Grace and Elegance Magnolia: Love for nature Yellow Carnation: Dissapointment; Rejection The wind brushes past my tresses. Whispering secrets wrapped in the faint scent of moonlight into my black […]

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Rain Kissed

Glistening like moonlight on soft skinEach touch, like a magical heal.Those tiny raindrops on soft eyelashes,Looking like crystals on a black field A mystical rhythm and musical chant,Like angels singing a heavenly song.Fresh mud, and lush, green grass,A beautiful opera, all day long. A gentle breeze, breezing through the air,Like a calm and serene, mesmeric […]

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Heaven on Earth

Red roses and blue delphiniums Perched on a branch the Nightingale hums Swans grace the tranquil waters And the trees drink the golden sun. The woodpecker pecks its way through And the leaves drip with morning dew The crickets play a symphony nearby The colourful chrysanthemums bloom anew. The morning rain revitalizing Mother Earth And […]

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A New Dawn

Sheathed in an orange kimono Embroidered with red rubies A tired evening comes to rest Night plays it’s cool breeze. Adorning a shiny veil of blue hues With a white pearly sheen lace Water covers the soft sand Waves bend with beautiful grace. Dress made of black velvet Embellished with silver diamonds The night sky […]

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Sitting in my verandah my ears suddenly hear a voice music music so melodious that it has the power of elevating my mood I venture out into my garden and gaze along dreamily heaven impulsively my hand stretches forward to feel the melody I smile my legs carry me forward and I close my eyes […]

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