Now….forever gloved

My back Greets the cold sand A calm breeze Tickles my bare hand Blue spheres Illuminate the dark sky In dreams They dance like fireflies My mind Clutches at memories long gone Humming A broken tune of an unfinished song Black tresses Fall over my damp eyes You lured me In your perfectly spun web […]

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Nothing Feels Real…

We are so close, yet feel miles apart. Each day is an act of pretense of love with an aching heart. Once those eyes were full of warmth. But now they are empty and devoid of love the longing now far gone. Ignorance is a bliss, but very evil. In the distance I see a […]

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A Lover’s Malaise

Standing in the midst of silent waters,A bunch of memories greeted her.How blissful were those days,Those moments, he used to embrace her. How soon everything changes,She realized with a sudden jolt.There was once a time of happiness,But now it was filled with shocks. There was once a period,When her eyes used to shimmer.But now those […]

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