A Symphony Of Memories

Unchecked tears cover me like a blanketAnd a strange void pierces my soulGrief imprints itself upon my delicate heartMy lifeless life feels strangely controlled. One by one, I collect my broken piecesAnd bravely tie them on broken stringsThe pain is teaching me to live againBut I keep seeing you in angel’s wings. My heart, a […]

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My sorrows are faceless. Even in a deep slumber, they poke me.Endless. The sky bleeds orange red. Promise of a new day. But, bleeding. Blood.…..death? Oh no. I just heard a crow. Will my pain amplify now? Or just the opposite.Who knows. Yes, my sorrows are faceless.They possess a multitude of masks, though. Oh dear. […]

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She is standing amidst thousands of people, yet she feels alone. As if they were just illusions, a dark trick, of her twisted mind. Her shoulders feel heavy, from the burden they had been carrying for years, invisible. Neon signs illuminate the night, but her eyes can only see the dark. “Colours” is a foreign […]

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The Last Breath

my hands are moist can’t hold on i am weak it’s slowly slipping away light, hope only a dream. my eyes register black colours are gone white fades it’s a cruel plethora hate, fear the only shades. my soul feels numb trying to grasp it falters it’s an endless cave blind, dark black waters. my […]

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Orphaned children, weeping widows, Childless couples, filled with sorrow. Tears flowed, flowers bestowed, For this pain, there was no antidote. Whose fault? No one knows, War surged, like a black rose. -Ishita Gupta

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Breaths mingled with the misty air, faces cried or just gave a sombre stare, devoid of emotion, I remained hidden, people ran about, cursing death. Snatching souls, breaking hearts, trading sorrow; a cruel art, over millenniums I turned numb, hurt others, I remained unhurt. With a thief’s stealth, took another soul to the land of […]

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