A Symphony Of Memories

Unchecked tears cover me like a blanket
And a strange void pierces my soul
Grief imprints itself upon my delicate heart
My lifeless life feels strangely controlled.

One by one, I collect my broken pieces
And bravely tie them on broken strings
The pain is teaching me to live again
But I keep seeing you in angel’s wings.

My heart, a black raven
Screams into a dead silence
You left, left too soon
Left me
A heartbeat full of symphonies
A symphony full of memories.

No séance would bring you back
As my acid tears burn me
Now all that is left
Is your symphony of memories…

-Ishita Gupta

A/N: This poem is extremely personal to me and very close to my heart. Many of us have lost our loved ones during the pandemic. The grief experienced is beyond words. But I have tried to express the emotion, the dilemma I went through, and probably am still going through.

Hope you and yours and safe and healthy. Sending love to all ♥♥❣

59 thoughts on “A Symphony Of Memories

  1. Hi Ishita…how have u been? I’m sorry to hear of your grief and I’m not sure of the right words to say to you. But I hope and pray that you find the strength throughout. Your poem is beautiful❤❤

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  2. “My heart, a black raven
    Screams into a dead silence”
    My dear friend,
    This is just so grounding. There’s a sense of deep despair in those words. They are laced with intense sorrow. But it is a poetic wonder. I love your use of symbols. And that foreboding sense. Wow.
    You do disappear for a while, but when you come back, it’s stronger than ever.

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  3. This is a beautifully written tribute to your loved ones. I am sorry my friend that you have experienced such loss and pain. I pray for comfort sweetheart and healing. Love ❤️ Joni

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  4. So deep and powerful! The use of imagery makes this piece really heart touching. I’m sorry you’ve experienced so much pain and loss, I hope you’re doing good along with your close ones. Stay safe, much love ❤

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