Rain Kissed

Glistening like moonlight on soft skin
Each touch, like a magical heal.
Those tiny raindrops on soft eyelashes,
Looking like crystals on a black field

A mystical rhythm and musical chant,
Like angels singing a heavenly song.
Fresh mud, and lush, green grass,
A beautiful opera, all day long.

A gentle breeze, breezing through the air,
Like a calm and serene, mesmeric flute melody.
And the smell so divine; a spiritual fragrance,
A wish to be in this moment, at least for eternity.

A gentle downpour, like a blessing from heaven,
The world sheathed in a beautiful mist.
Isn’t rain an ambrosial gift?
Leaving everything so tenderly rain kissed.

-Ishita Gupta

43 thoughts on “Rain Kissed

  1. Dearest Ishita this is so lovely. The imagery is gorgeous and so true. I feel that wonderful feeling that you described in your lovely poem when it rains here in the South. Thank you for this. ❤️ love Joni

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