giving up…..

I’m drowning in cold waters,
I’m facing my heart’s slaughter.
I’m destroying my own self,
I’m giving up, please help.
I’m pounding on the wooden door,
I’m running, scared of anything four.
I’m hiding in a deathly home,
I’m giving up, I’m alone.
I’m feeling weak and tortured,
I’m witnessing my deadliest horrors.
I’m screaming in unseen anguish,
I’m giving up, I’m languished.
I’m drinking blood, my very own,
I’m diving deeper into the dark unknown.
I’m walking down a callous lane,
I’m giving up, I’m in too much pain.

I’m giving up….

-Ishita Gupta

A/N:- This is purely a work of fiction. I went for quite a dark theme this time.

53 thoughts on “giving up…..

  1. Very well written. Glad to hear you are doing well. That was my concern too. After reading other comments, felt relieved. We all belong to one human family and therefore must take care of each other. Anyway, now a suggestion. May I make? Not sure. Will do only if you would like that.

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  2. I was thinking you are blessed with tremendous potential. So, how about using it more and more to make our fellow beings life joyful and better. Joyful – by sharing things which gives them positive attitude towards life. Better – by writing on subjects which have lessons so that people benefit from them. You know our lives are very short and therefore I very often think that we must use this brief time to impact the world in some really great manner. Please excuse me if I have offended you in any manner. I wish you the best and nothing else.

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    1. “Blessed with tremendous potential.”
      Oh my GODS❤ Thank you!
      I understand what you are trying to say. I’m not offended at all! I will try to write the kind of poems you suggested. But the thing is somehow dark themes often become a inspiration for poems😅 And because of studies, I’m a bit short of time as well. But I will try as much as I can!
      Thank you for sharing your view T!

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  3. You know your life is very important. i wish each one of us realize that. If it is so important, then why shouldn’t we do wonders with it, so that people benefit from us. Mother Teresa is a great example and there are so many others too. Anyway, best wishes and keep benefiting us.

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    1. Thank you so much Chetna!♥️♥️

      Four is the Chinese number for death. Because the Chinese words for death and four sound similar. So I used “four” as a metaphor. It is a superstitious number, one could say!😊


  4. Ishita this poem is powerful and dark, although I am so grateful you said it was a fictional piece there are surely many people in the world that likely, and unfortunately relate to this poem. It is full of pain and sorrow, well done my sweet friend. Love you Joni

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