Ocean’s A Mystery

Those roaring waves call me,
Those blue sapphires allure me.
But, the warm sand keeps me in,
My soul’s trapped in a human’s sin.

Expressions are never crystal clear,
Every smile holds dried tears.
There’s pain hidden in each joy,
A hint of regret, when we rejoice.

The ocean unravels unspoken mysteries,
Summoning all the bittersweet memories.
Met with a strange calm amidst the chaos,
It has sorted out my scattered thoughts.

And now the sand’s turned cold,
All those gossips have been sold.
Slowly, the water moulds my fragile body,
I surrender, to feel what I couldn’t see.

-Ishita Gupta


I am really very ecstatic today….I have crossed 200 followers!!!! When I first started this blog, I never thought I would even reach a 20, and now 200…..WOW!! Thank you all for always supporting me and commenting on my posts….this has become a family now, and I feel very blessed. Thank you♥️♥️

Love and hugs🤗


106 thoughts on “Ocean’s A Mystery

  1. I am speechless after reading it, one of the best I read today 😍😍, so so beautiful and amazing 💙💙

    And a hearty congratulations, many many more to come 🤗🤗

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  2. Beautiful my dear friend. This poem is near and dear to my heart. I can ride each feeling with you Ishita.

    “Every smile holds dried tears.
    There’s pain hidden in each joy,
    A hint of regret, when we rejoice.”

    Gorgeous lines describing a mixture of emotions. Nothing is simple about the emotions we feel, often mixed.

    Congratulations on teaching 200 followers. I remember how thrilled I was with 100. It is like a loving, nurturing, and supportive family, this community.

    Have a wonderful day sweet friend. Love to you and all those you love.
    Hugs ❤️💕🌺🤗Joni

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    1. Thank you so much sweet friend. I am so happy and touched you found it near to your heart.
      So glad you enjoyed those lines Joni♥️♥️

      Yes, exactly as you said, it is like a loving family❣ And I’m so glad to have you in my family sweetheart 💞🌷

      Have a splendid week❣🌺🌺
      Love and hugs💕🤗

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      1. It is entirely my pleasure dear friend. I really did find your lovely words near to my heart.

        I am happy for you about getting exposure because for me, it was an amazing opportunity to learn so much from others. Exposure to music, art, flash fiction, and gorgeous poetry. It has enriched and blessed my life. You will start to find that there is so much to read and learn from your followers but not enough time to spend with even your favorites.

        You have an amazing week too my friend.

        Love 💕 and hugs 🤗

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      1. Congratulations on reaching 200!! Many more to come! And sorry, I forgot to wish you earlier.

        I am having some issues with WordPress lately, and changing the name made it worse. So I had to change it again.

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  3. Strange calm amidst the chaos…sorted the scattered thoughts!!
    These lines are really good.😍
    And ofc, the poem was beautiful!💜💫✨
    May you get drenched in the rain of followers, Ishita. 😂😂Many congratulations.

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  4. Many congratulations Ishita.

    You’re a great writer…loving the lines….”Slowly, the water moulds my fragile body,
    I surrender, to feel what I couldn’t see.”

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      1. They are amazingly written.

        Hey FYI,
        I have sent you an invitation to re-follow my blog. There has been some glitches with notifications. So I had to “remove you”. Pls check your mail & accept the invite if you would still like to follow my blog. Alternatively, you may click on “Follow” button in your WP reader or visit my site (navinspoems.com) & hit follow Navin’s poems 🙏✨💛

        Much love,

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          1. Oh…I don’t know why I thought you followed my blog. I made a list of all the followers in a doc as my WP was messing with me. I thought I saw your name as well. But hey, you must ONLY follow my blog if you like my work. I believe in real followers & organic growth….I don’t follow a blog myself just for the sake of following & traffic. So please feel free to feel how you feel about my blog 🙏✨❤️. Much love

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  5. OH, sweetheart, this is so beautiful. It touches my heart.
    “And now the sand’s turned cold,
    All those gossips have been sold.
    Slowly, the water moulds my fragile body,
    I surrender, to feel what I couldn’t see.”

    Congratulations to you!

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    1. Oh my! Thank you so much!! I have already done 3 posts on this award, so I won’t be able to make a post for this one, but your gesture is highly appreciated ♥️♥️♥️♥️ I’m truly touched 😊❣❣

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  6. This is just so beautiful, Ishita! I love your writing, from the bottom of my heart.

    Congratulations on getting past 200 followers! This blogging community does seem like a family, doesn’t it? Wish you the best for your future endeavours!

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  7. I loved every single line here Ishita… everything about ocean is alluring.. there is a sense of mystery and calmness and magic .. something that pulls us towards her..and i feel you have captured all those emotions beautifully here !! Love ❤

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  8. Lovely verse Ishita. Serene and calming. However the finale was a little bit of mixed emotions and I love that about your poetry.
    It certainly urges a person to think and that is the greatest achievement of any poem. When it asks to review or think, you know that a Poem is a masterpiece and I can say this one is.
    Congratulations on your 200! Here’s to so many more( 200s and wonderful posts such as these.)
    Take care.

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    1. Oh dear Shanyu, you have left me speechless with this comment. Thank you so much for those beautiful words my friend. I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem, and it makes me beyond happy that you think this is a masterpiece. I have no words to thank you enough.
      Thanks a lot dear!!
      Sending love and hugs, and a beautiful yellow rose. 💐🌺💞
      Take care


      1. Dear Ishita,
        I take absolute pleasure in writing this to you. This one was indeed beautiful. I’m glad to know that the comment meant so much and I hope you keep writing such beautifully.
        Thank you friend. Have a wonderful day.
        And yes, the rose is beautiful. Yellow happens to be my favourite colour, so you’ve got that spot on.
        Sending you begonias.

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          1. Indeed a lovely coincidence. No wonder the heart is yellow too.
            Wow! Yellow’s beautiful.
            Let me ask you. What is your favourite colour? Is it green because if your biology background?

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              1. Nice. The green part was more of a passive guess. I have got yellow even though I love biology so that that. Red is certainly bold. Blood. Love. Hearts. Quite a versatile color you’ve got!

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                  1. Biology is beautiful. Though I’m like a novice at it, I know I like it. And especially the undiscovered biology. By the way, a wonderful way to end the comment. A red and a yellow heart! Great🧡

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  9. This is so lovely, Ishita! I have sat on the beach with those feelings Your poem so eloquently expresses. And I often do equate my final (and ALWAYS ultimate!) plunge beneath the waves…into the unknown. This resonates on every level!!! Thank You. AND! Is that You? Such a sweet picture! AND….CONGRATULATIONS!!! That doesn’t surprise me at all!!! YAY! Cheers and ROCK ON!!! 🤗❤️😊

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