My sorrows are faceless.

Even in a deep slumber, they poke me.

The sky bleeds orange red.

Promise of a new day. But, bleeding. Blood.

Oh no. I just heard a crow.

Will my pain amplify now? Or just the opposite.
Who knows.

Yes, my sorrows are faceless.
They possess a multitude of masks, though.

Oh dear. I’m sorry. They’re calling me. I should go.

I don’t want to. But I don’t want to be broken either.

But…..they’ll break me in any case.


Nevertheless. I’ll try to be back.


– Ishita Gupta

A/N:- This is purely a work of fiction.

88 thoughts on “Faceless

  1. A painful thought expressed beautifully!!💜💫
    Sorrows are faceless nut still they are masked. And behind those masks lay our secrets!
    And yeah! they will break us not by our choice, but we gotta strike back only when we decide to.

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            1. I would prefer my exact age to remain anonymous, so I’m not answering that question😂

              Yes, everyone is pretty tired of the virus now. It will go away soon, I hope😢


  2. Just a breathtaking piece Ishita. Dark and deep undertones of sorrow. Love the last line.
    I wonder though if the rhyme is accidental or planned.
    Either way it add a flair to your works. Wonderful.

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    1. Thanks a lot Shanyu!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Means a lot coming from you.
      I was planning to write a poem, but it turned out to be a piece of writing. I guess the rhyme was both accidental and planned! Thank you dear💞
      Love and hugs❣

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      1. Yeah…it has. I’ve missed around 85% of my followers. So I’m contact the most important ones individually to re-follow. I hear from others as well that there have been glitches with either notification or liking & commenting posts 😊

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          1. Yeah….but I believe in things happen for a reason….there must be a reason to rebuild my network of followers from scratch….after over 3 years of my blogging period 😊

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  3. Perfect example to show that the number of lines do not matter when you have a clear idea in mind.. and you know well how to express clearly.. all the pain and the tearing apart and the confusion.. beautifully done Ishita 🙂 No wonder am a fan of you ❤

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