Sunshine Blogger Award #3!!

This is my third nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I am feeling so elated!! Thank you so so much dear BG, for nominating me♥ Visit her blog The Bold Vibe. She writes by the pen name ‘The Bold Girl’. She has been christened ‘The GIF and Meme Queen’ by fellow bloggers! She writes on things which people don’t usually talk about, she is “bold” in other words. Do check out her site!!!

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules
1.Thank blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, write them 11 new questions and notify them about the nomination.

My Answers To BG’s Questions

1. Why Blogging?

It is a beautiful journey, as I mentioned in my earlier post. Full of learning and amazing experiences. Blogging has made me bloom as a writer and poet. It just is absolutely wonderful!!

2. What has been the best thing that happened to you once you started your journey as a Blogger or anything that you’d like to share with us that you’ve learnt from Blogging?

The best thing that has happened is that I met so so many wonderful people on WP. I admire both their work, and them. It feels so good to connect with such awesome people!!

3. What would you like to say about me and my blogs – Both negative and positive?

Positive: Your blogs are either so FUN to read, or make the reader really question certain things, which people usually don’t. And recently they have been irking my curiosity😛

Negative: I am being honest here, I really can’t think of something that is negative about your blog. But I guess I would want to read more of your poetry!

4. Share a funny incident that would make your readers laugh.😋

Hmm. So I am not really sure if this counts as funny, but whenever I think of this memory I always laugh a lot!

I was 8 or 9 years old, and my Mom had a college reunion. I had made two friends thankfully, and all three of us were enjoying in the hotel room, watching TV. As we were flipping through the channels, suddenly some horror scene came up, and we all shouted like crazy. We quickly changed the channel. But we were kids, and kids have weird ideas at times. So we deliberately put that channel once again after sometime, to check whether the horror serial was still there or not. It was. We shouted again and put some other channel. Then after sometime we again put that channel and started screaming before the TV could even display what was coming. And then we realized a historical fiction serial was coming and we had screamed while Akbar said something very sweet to Jodha. We honestly felt like idiots😂

5. Any advice you would like to give for anyone who gets demotivated or has just recently started Blogging?

I would just like to say that please ALWAYS believe in yourself. Do work on your flaws, but don’t doubt yourself. No one is perfect.

6. Happy moment since you started blogging?

When I crossed a 100 followers!!

7. When did you start your blog?

The exact date? November 13th, 2019. No, I actually didn’t remember, I just checked right now😁

8. Story behind the birth of your blog.

Ummmm. There is no story as such. It was more like that one day, I just suddenly thought, why not start a blog? I love writing, I love poetry. It would even make my writing more regular. So voila!

9. Would you like to meet your fellow bloggers or just keep it as a virtual friendship?

I am not really sure, but I guess I would love to meet a few of my blogger friends.

10. How did you reach my blog?

I read your comments at many other sites. And I loved, still love, your pen name, The Bold Girl. So I decided to check the blog out. And I am so glad I did!

11. If you had to name just one blog which is your go-to place, which one would you name? You can only list one.

Why BG?! How can I choose only one. Even if I try to narrow down my list, I can’t reduce it beyond four!! But I know you won’t let me go this easily. Sooo, ummm. Ooooff.

Gabriela at short-prose-fiction. She is just wonderful. Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of her writings. Read her work yourself, you’ll know.

My Questions

  1. What does true friendship mean to you?
  2. How would you describe spirituality?
  3. “All’s fair in love and war.” Do you believe in this? Why or why not?
  4. This may seem like a strange and random question. What according to you was the most horrible/evil/atrocious thing done in human history?(It can include both recent and ancient history, mythologies etc.)
  5. What is one thing that humanity needs to learn in these times? (I mean these times in general, not COVID-19 times!)
  6. Which quote(s) do you resonate with the most?
  7. Is there any particular song that brings tears to your eyes everytime you listen to it?
  8. A really cold and windy “summer” in Iceland (trust me, it is very windy) or a hot and humid day at a beach?
  9. Do you believe in any superstitions?
  10. What are your thoughts on philosophy?
  11. Do you read? If yes, could you share 3 of your favourite books?

My Nominees

I want to nominate each and everyone of you. All of you are amazing writers and deserve to be recognized. So, the nominations are open to all those amazing people who are reading this!

Thank you once again BG, for nominating me!!💖

Stay safe and take care. Sending love and hugs to everyone♥♥♥

78 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #3!!

  1. First of all, thank you for accepting the nomination and congratulations as well.😬

    I don’t know about others but, I really cracked-up reading the funny incident.🤣🤣 Probably coz I am just like that even today.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    And yeah, thank you for all that you’ve mentioned about me, my blog and the pen name I chose.❤️ I wasn’t aware my pen name could draw people’s attention and they’d visit my blog. Hehehe 😅 Seems like, I made the right decision of picking this though I’d to struggle a lot to come up with a pen & domain name.

    I would’ve never known all this. Glad that I created these questions especially for you.😊🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for nominating me BG❤❤😘

      😂😂 I am pretty afraid of horror films/scenes even now😜

      Your pen name did draw my attention❤❤💕 I too struggled a lot in coming up with the domain name. I asked so many people for ideas, OMG😂


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehehe…. The pen name and the domain I that chose, was not even my 1st choice. Forget that, it wasn’t even my last.😂 But, I was playing around the synonyms of this and few other traits or characteristics that I have but, it was either taken or I felt its difficult for people to remember. Finally came up with this. The pen & domain goes in sync so I went with it. Though I wasn’t completely fine back then…. Today I love it when people call me “The Bold Girl’❤❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations , Ishita 💙
    Loved reading your answers and I call BG, Suspense queen too
    And a very very happy birthday got to know this from comments ❣❣❣❣
    Stay blessed, take care, keep smiling 💙🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulationssssss!! Loved reading your answers! The funny incident is pretty funny😂😂
    And I am sure that you will reach 200 followers in no time! Here’s to the many more to come!
    And I know I am late but happy birthday!!!!!🤗❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations dear Ishita.. and I know am late 😛

    Did I wish on your birthday? I think like one day before? I dont remember 😀

    Here is wishing you all the best things in life !! May you soar to greater heights and happiness be always by your side ❤ ❤ ❤ A real belated Birthday wish 😛 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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