Now….forever gloved

My back
Greets the cold sand
A calm breeze
Tickles my bare hand
Blue spheres
Illuminate the dark sky
In dreams
They dance like fireflies
My mind
Clutches at memories long gone

A broken tune of an unfinished song
Black tresses
Fall over my damp eyes
You lured me
In your perfectly spun web of lies
Unspoken words
Are still lingering in this misty air
My broken heart
An agonizing proof I still care

I gave you all my love
I think I should have kept it gloved.

-Ishita Gupta


76 thoughts on “Now….forever gloved

  1. I have really read such a beautiful poem.

    “My back
    Greets the cold sand
    A calm breeze
    Tickles my bare hand”

    Every line in this piece is superb. SUPERB.

    “In your perfectly spun web of lies
    Unspoken words”
    WOW. Bravo!

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    1. Thank you so much. Thank you from the deepest core of my heart❤❤ I am so so glad you enjoyed the poem Gabriela. You are amazing💕🌹

      Sending lots of love, hugs, flowers, and blessings🌺💝

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  2. Ishita this is truly beautiful. So many ways to describe heartache but you did so very beautifully here.

    “They dance like fireflies 
My mind 
Clutches at memories long gone 
A broken tune of an unfinished song”

    I love fireflies they hold magic for me. Every line gorgeously constructed telling us of her misplaced love.

    I was walking with you. So lovely my dear friend. I hope you weekend was filled with love and happiness. Please continue to be careful my friend.

    Sending butterflies wrapped in a long line of silk threads with fireflies leading the way this evening. When you see them you will know it is me sending love. ❤️💕💖 Joni

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    1. Joni, you have left me speechless, breathless by your comment. Your beautiful words touched my heart. I’m so humbled❤ Thank you for being my friend, I’m so really fortunate. You are a beautiful soul. I’m touched beyond words, sweetheart💖
      I will be on the watch for the beautiful butterflies and fireflies, looking through my garden window.
      Stay safe and take care🌹❤
      Lots and lots of love to you😘💕💕💕

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      1. I meant every word. I am painfully honest or so I have been told all my life. You write beautifully.

        I hope you see the fireflies through your garden window. I want to encourage you like beautiful Button did me, (Gabriela). Have you been sending your work out for publication? If not perhaps you should. I am not Gabriela, I believe her work will be taught to students everywhere some day, because her beautiful words and style are so unique and captivating. Yet, she certainly encouraged me, which was all it took, because her heart holds love and she wants to share her wonderful success. She is a truly special gift. If you are published please let me know. If not I certainly think you could be my friend. It feels so wonderful to see your work published. I will always be grateful to Gabriela (Button) for her gentle push.

        Sending love to you and encouragement about your beautiful writing.
        Yours, Joni 💕❤️🤗💖

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        1. You are such an amazing and sweet and kind soul❤ And Gabriela is a gem too💖 Both of you have and continue to encourage and inspire me so much!! And in my humble opinion, both Gabriela’s and your works are going to be taught to students❤❤ You both are a wonderful gift to poetry, and writing💕💕
          Two of my poems were published in a book “Uncaged: A Teen Anthology”

          The links for the e-book and kindle version are in this post.
          Currently, I’m exploring this enchanted and beautiful world of poetry❤ I do plan on publishing my work💕💕 I am relatively new to poetry, even. It’s been just one and a half years, since I started poetry! I have travelled a lot since then, explored myself more. And got to know such beautiful souls and poets like you❤❤

          Love and hugs


          1. Oh my goodness this is wonderful news. Congratulations I did not see this post. This is great my friend. I just tweeted your information. I read the inserts just gorgeous words, so beautifully written. That is magnificent my friend. You are already on your way. Thank you for sharing this with me. I bet your family is so proud of you. I sure am. What a blessing. This is delightful to hear. This makes my day. Love 💕 and hugs 🤗, yours Joni 🎉🎊🎉

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      1. It’s my pleasure to have come across such talent ❤️…Keep writing dear friend, for words have such a calming effect (one of my friends told me this today)

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