A tribute

Separate from the sun and the stars,
There seems to be an angel afloat and afar
Igniting in the flicker of burning desires,
Embers soaring up and away to the sky and higher.

Succumbing to the inner turmoil
Heart beats turn mechanical
There’s no more desire to see the sun
Why does death suddenly feel so magical?

Here’s to the craze,
That hides behind the haze.
The beautiful smiles that cover your heart,
Become memories that seem too far apart.

Happiness is but a broken promise
Dangling loosely from a fragile thread
Despair lingered between the invisible gaps
And now it’s broken, lying dead.

All you will have when you leave,
Is what you’ve been through
All the souls you’ve left to bereave
Without leaving behind any clues

A broken soul is locked inside
Under layers of opulence and fame
Suffocating from this worthless glitter
It’s struggling in this unfair game

Broken and undone,
The unlucky one.
Haring the dim dark melodies,
Of memories
Aching for a remedy.

Tangled up in white curtains
Occupying the centre stage
Flowers fall neatly on top
Locking him forever in his dark cage

This poem was written in collaboration with Watt at Celluloid Trances. He is an amazing writer. If you want to get some deep insights into the questions of our souls, or just want to read some really amazing poems, I suggest you check out his blog.

This poem was written as a tribute for Sushant Singh Rajput, who recently committed suicide, and also for all those people who fell into the depths of depression and sadly, couldn’t come out of it. I hope and pray everyone has some person in their life whom they can trust and share their feelings with.❤🙏

51 thoughts on “A tribute

  1. Beautiful collaboration and such thought provoking images and words. I will follow your collaborators blog. Thank you for the lovely introduction. Have a blessed day with you and yours. Love 💕 Joni 🌸🌺

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    1. Thank you so much Joni❤❤
      Yes, do check his blog out. He’s amazing.

      It’s night here Joni. But I’ll have a wonderful day tomorrow, no doubt!
      Have an amazing day Joni❤💕
      Love and hugs

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  2. Wow Ishita and Celluloid Trances!!
    This poem has been wonderfully expressed!! The way you’ve written each line it’s just beyond words….
    “Why does death suddenly feel so magical? “
    This was such a well written line which somehow stole my heart and brought me into tears…I can’t thank you enough for writing such a tragically soulful poem🖤🖤

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  3. Times are tough and Sushant’s untimely demise has left me shaken up. I wrote a piece about people losing hope and wanting to embrace death. I loved this poem and “Broken and undone, The unlucky one.” moved me.

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        1. I know right! I mean only Kangana is and earlier too talked about nepotism in Bollywood. But I really think things will change now. Sushant was a really popular actor. As they say, “per par kulhadi mar di.” Bollywood is going to pay. Karma comes back.


  4. Good Lord, Ishita. What a mindblowingly beautiful tribute/collaboration. Stunning. Wow. I will definitely visit Watt’s site. Thank You Both, so very much. Huge Hugs Your way!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Happiness is but a broken promise…..lying dead!
    So amazingly written!!
    Ofc depression is a topic that lacks the due attention and awareness,and is seen like a shame by some people. They don’t know that once it gets rooted, it is beyond the control of anyone but the doc.
    What I liked the most about this poem is …you never made depression sound like a burden or a disgrace in your poem.
    Nice work!😊✨💫

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words dear💖💖
      The social stigma around depression and mental health, needs to be removed; it’s high time!
      Thanks a lot! That was the point—conveying that depression is a mental disease that can happen to anyone and no one should feel ashamed about it.

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