The Last Breath

my hands are moist
can’t hold on
i am weak
it’s slowly slipping away
light, hope
only a dream.

my eyes register black
colours are gone
white fades
it’s a cruel plethora
hate, fear
the only shades.

my soul feels numb
trying to grasp
it falters
it’s an endless cave
blind, dark
black waters.

my heart is crippled
resolve shatters
i crave death
it’s my sadistic mind
stab, torment
the last breath.

-Ishita Gupta

33 thoughts on “The Last Breath

      1. It is my pleasure. I love poetry that sends a message of importance in such a creative and beautiful way. Our art is a gift and I feel blessed that I love to write and because of WordPress I have so many other friends who write and also have many other talents as well. Celebrate yourself today, you deserve it. Buckets of hugs, Joni

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