A Great News!

I am so extremely happy to share that two of my poems have been published in a book Uncaged: A Teen Anthology! This book is a collection of poems written by Indian teenagers across the world. All the poems in the book are so versatile and beautiful! It would mean a lot to me, and to the other young poets whose poems have been published, if you would read them.

You can buy the kindle version here and the e-book here.

Excerpt from my poem “Life’s Undoing”

The river water played a melancholic melody,
The stars sparkled with unknown empathy.
Even the wind turned cold with sadness,
Felt as if nature understood my madn

Excerpt from my poem “Call This Suppressed Education”

Taught me how to laugh, when everything’s tearing apart,
Taught me how to cook, when my hands are burning hard.
No care for feelings, respect, is faraway,
Suppressed inside, not even allowed a word to say.

It gives me immense pleasure to share this great news with all my friends on WordPress!

Sending loads of hugs to everyone. Stay safe and take care!

-Ishita Gupta

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