Breaths mingled with the misty air,
faces cried or just gave a sombre stare,
devoid of emotion, I remained hidden,
people ran about, cursing death.

Snatching souls, breaking hearts,
trading sorrow; a cruel art,
over millenniums I turned numb,
hurt others, I remained unhurt.

With a thief's stealth,
took another soul to the land of dead,
another one, again, another,
one more-be it sunrise or sunset.

Immortal I was, and so I remain,
never can I be slain,
never forget, I'll find everyone,
yes, Death, is my name.

-Ishita Gupta

10 thoughts on “…Death

  1. Wonderfully written. I read your last post “feminism is important” which was of course well written and includes several problems which should be spoken out and not kept silent.
    From what you said, of course people stop girls from speaking or laughing out loud and I know that because I have seen that myself. Or asking a boy to act like a boy when he cries. What you said was true.
    But what I could say is if i want to cry or laugh my heart out, why would I want anyone’s opinion for it. Why should I bother with what others think. Stereotypeing anyone is an ugly affair to deal with. But hey, if I am going to shut everyone’s mouth who speak against me, there is no life in it, right?
    So what I am saying is laugh or cry, whether men or women, it is all okay as long as you are okay with it. People may not find it satisfying. That is their problem. Let them deal with it.
    I wanted to comment on the original post, but I couldn’t find the comment box. Sorry.
    Loved reading the post. Have a great day.🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting!! And yes, what you have said is absolutely true. It really doesn’t matter what the society thinks when we express our emotions. But the sad part is that many children grow up listening to all this, and when they grow up they don’t even realize when they hide their emotions. So, I feel it is important that the minds of innocent children are not deliberately infected with the poison of inequality. But I’m really glad for your inputs……now I know how to put my point forth and make others understand its true meaning.😊

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