Why was I always blamed?
Why was I always put to shame?
He tore my clothes, not me, still-
Why was I looked upon with disdain?
Why were my clothes criticized, tell me?
Why were my emotions sacrificed, tell me?
I am always questioned, why?
Why were my pains set aside, tell me?
There's a lot left to cry,
But first just please tell me why?
Am I not human, really?
But first just please tell me why?

-Ishita Gupta


23 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Very nicely written. All I can think of is that unless we do not become humans, I mean real humans, our existence would consist of everything which is inhuman – simply because we are inhuman. Your poetry reflects that fact. Therefore, the biggest challenge we have in this life is to become a normal human being because a normal human being is a very loving and affectionate creature. Normal human being has everything what we call human. In fact, all great people in our history were actually truly normal human being. A normal human being would make a great wife, husband, brother, sister, parents and etc. etc. Let’s strive to become Normal Humans.

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    1. What you said is absolutely true….in the recent years we “humans” have turned the definition of human to inhuman. Humans are becoming crueler and crueler day by day. And then we end up doing such atrocious acts. This really needs to stop.

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      1. don’t you think of movies play an important role in making people more vulnerable ot stimulate with sexual desires to make more animals…/

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  2. This is such a wonderful piece of writing and on a subject which continues to baffle every women. So many women have to be raped all over again by the system if they are brave enough to take their case to court. So beautifully penned my dear friend. Thank you for writing on this subject and making people aware. Love ❤️ Joni

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      1. My pleasure your writing is beautiful and thought provoking my friend. When I lived in WA State I was a volunteer or Rape Relief Advocate. We were on a rotating schedule and out training was extensive. We went to the hospital or the victim’s home what ever there choice was. We went to the hospital and were present during the exam which is lengthy and hard for the victim. We accompanied the victims when they gave their statements as well. Very difficult but I am so grateful for the time I was able to serve and help
        In some small way. Thank you again my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

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        1. It must have been so difficult and heart wrenching meet the rape victims. But yes, it does feel good that we were able to help them in a small way. You are an angel❤
          Love and hugs🤗💕

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          1. I felt like I was helping like you said. I was an advocate for two girls where the first rapist got in by saying his friend was sick and he needed to use her phone. This was a case where the rapist knew what time each young woman got home from work. They raped them all night and had a gun. They discussed killing them in front of the girls all night as well. These two very young women were heroes to me. I was with each one as they told their horrific story to a police man. They had both been arrested before and it is the only case I worked on where there was a conviction. It was such an honor to meet young women that had their courage. I mention this so no woman who reads this ever lets a stranger in their house for any reason. The girls had kind hearts and that was how these predators got them, from their kindness. Those two men will never rape again because of these two loving and kind women. I guess in many ways I felt helpless too. I hope I made a difference by being with the victims. Rape is a crime of violence and control. It isn’t about sex. Thank you for asking Ishita. You be safe my friend. Sending love ❤️ to you and blessings. 🤗❤️💕

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            1. Oh my dear. So so horrific. I admire those two women, for their courage. It requires so much courage to recount such horrific experiences, while they gave their statements to the police.
              I am sure your angelic presence must have helped the survivors. I feel we should call them survivors, not victims. The survived such an atrocious act. Our small contributions can make a huge difference. I am hoping that the world will change.
              Stay safe as well🤍
              Love and hugs dear🤗💕

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