Empowering Women

She sat there expressionless,

Too tired to fight more.

And the darkness engulfed her,

Only to leave behind her ghost.

“It’s a girl, we have to abort.”

The reason would change soon.

Instead of being a burden,

It would be the fear of being raped soon.

There’s no use in locking her up,

Keeping her like jewellery in a safe.

Others would still criticize her clothes,

Don’t pretend to be naive.

Her face shows laughter,

But do we know about her soul?

It just full of sadness and tears,

Her heart torn with holes.

A world full of women,

At last the dream comes true.

Darkness will not surround her,

Now she awakens as something bright and new.

A step towards empowerment, a step towards life,

Everything would change for good.

And change is the law of nature,

So at last we all could,

Bathe in the glory of womanhood.

-Ishita Gupta

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